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High priced weddings and high asset divorce

Many people who wish to one day get married have imagined what their wedding day might be like. They may get ideas from magazines, television shows or highly publicized celebrity weddings. What many Massachusetts residents come to realize is that weddings can become very expensive very quickly. Unfortunately, in some cases, a high priced wedding can turn into a high asset divorce

How women 50 and older may be affected by gray high asset divorce

Finances are handled in a variety of different ways amongst married couples, as many Massachusetts residents know. Many older couples have spent years, sometimes decades, acquiring various assets, and many women have been content to allow their husbands to make the majority of the financial decisions. This may cause problems for some when they find themselves in the midst of a high asset divorce

High asset divorce late in life

Grey divorce has become increasingly common over the last several years. Couples who have been together for decades and have adult children are choosing to go their separate ways. Many Massachusetts residents are discovering that what they believed should have been a very simple divorce can easily turn into a high asset divorce due to their years of acquiring assets. 

Tips for a late-in-life high asset divorce

Massachusetts residents may have noticed that in the last several years there has been an increase in the number of divorces amongst older couples. Divorce at any age can be difficult, but in some cases, it may be more so for older couples because they have had more time and opportunities to collect a wide variety of assets. There are several things that couples going through a high asset divorce might keep in mind in order to ensure that everything proceeds smoothly.

An amicable ending to a high asset divorce

Divorces are often depicted as volatile and unfriendly, to say the least. This is especially true in celebrity divorces or in a high asset divorce. However, many Massachusetts residents may be relieved to know that this need not be the case. Gwyneth Paltrow and her ex-husband, Chris Martin, have been able to remain friendly even after their divorce in 2016.

Discussing high asset divorce with your partner

It may surprise many Massachusetts residents that January is a popular month for couples to file for divorce. It seems to be popular because the holidays are over and most family obligations have been met. However, broaching the subject of divorce can be difficult or awkward. Couples who suspect that their divorce will be classified as a high asset divorce may have even more difficulty discussing it with their spouse. 

The possibility of appeals in a high asset divorce

A significant number of people living in Massachusetts going through a divorce eagerly await the day when it will all be over. The process often puts an unusual amount of stress, both financial and emotional, on the people involved. However, especially in a high asset divorce, one party may not be satisfied with the final outcome and pursue an appeal. An appeal could focus on spousal support and/or property division issues decided at the trial court level, among a myriad of other concerns. In some instances, these appeals can continue back and forth over long periods of time. 

Understanding your finances in a high asset divorce

There are many things for couples across the nation, including Massachusetts, to consider when they decide to get a divorce. Among these things are the family finances. Often, there is one spouse who deals with the majority of the finances, but especially in a high asset divorce, both spouses can benefit from understanding what the family income is used for. By understanding how the family income is used, the people going through a divorce can begin to plan how their lifestyles will change after the divorce is final. 

Ways to make a high asset divorce smoother

Massachusetts residents who have gone through a divorce or are currently going through a divorce know that emotions can often run high. Each spouse is attempting to gather all of the information necessary to ensure that the marital assets are divided fairly and that any private property is protected. Proceedings may be especially stressful for couples involved in a high asset divorce due to the sheer amount or great value of the assets in question. There are, however, some steps that couples can take that could make the process run a little more smoothly.

The importance of communication in a high asset divorce

Couples in Massachusetts know that sorting out finances can be very difficult under normal circumstances. These difficulties can be made worse during a divorce, especially a high asset divorce. A lack of communication can make it difficult for couples to determine how to fairly divide their assets.

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