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Court orders man to pay more than $65,000 in child support

For Massachussetts couples going through a divorce, one of the most emotional issues they may face is the determination of child support. In some family law cases, after a couple has come to an agreement on child support, circumstances may drastically change, making it difficult or impossible for a parent to make their monthly child support obligation. In these times, a parent may decide to seek a modification rather than face serious penalties, such as those imposed in a recent case in which a man faces prison time if he fails to pay back child support.

Child custody modifications in a continually changing world

Sometimes, child custody orders may not be appropriate or applicable as children grow older and parental careers change. Residents in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are likely to face child custody challenges just like parents all over the country.

John Cleese struggling to meet alimony obligations

Massachusetts residents and comedy fans would likely recognize John Cleese as the outrageously funny Monty Python actor staring in many television shows and popular films. Recently, the news has exploded with information regarding the actor's eye-catching alimony obligations.

What are an unmarried father's rights in adoption proceedings?

The choice of giving a child up for adoption in Salem County is a complicated and emotional one. Even in the best of circumstances when both parents arrive at this difficult decision together, it is not to be taken lightly. However, there are circumstances where unmarried parents may not agree on this choice. In that event, it is imperative to take a look at what rights the child's father may have as opposed to the rights of the mother.

Dual citizenship issues facing Massachusetts residents in divorce

When making the difficult decision to obtain a divorce in Massachusetts, there are many factors to take into consideration. One potentially complex issue is the dual citizenship status of one or both parties. For example, an individual can hold dual citizenship if they are born in a foreign country to American parents. This person is then a citizen of the country of birth and the United States. People can also acquire foreign citizenship by marrying a citizen of another country, or becoming a citizen of the U.S. without losing citizenship in their native country.

Russian marchers protest adoption ban

A few weeks ago a post on this blog discussed the new Russian bill that bans American parents from adopting Russian children. Since then, the bill has gone into effect and American and Russian reactions to the bill have been noteworthy.

Putin's bill bans American parents from adopting Russian children

Many Massachusetts parents have probably eagerly awaited the arrival of a child. This waiting may take place during pregnancy or during the adoption process. For parents who are adopting, the period of time spent waiting for the adoption to be finalized is likely quite nerve-wracking.

Over-the-phone marriage is official according to court

Weddings can take a variety of forms; some are intimate, whereas others have hundreds of guests. Massachusetts residents have probably attended many types of weddings. Though more rare, some weddings even occur over the telephone. This method of entering a marriage may not be very common, but a Maryland court ruled recently that it is just as valid as an in-person ceremony.

Poor communication led to Dennis Rodman's child support mishap

Stories of unpaid child support are fairly common. Many times when a parent has failed to pay child support, it is because he or she does not have the money or actively avoids making the payments. However, NBA superstar Dennis Rodman's unpaid child support case appears to be different.

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