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"Gray" divorces on the rise in Massachusetts

People in Massachusetts are accustomed to reading about young celebrity marriages ending in divorce only a few months after the marriage certificate is signed. However it is less common to hear about couples divorcing after 40 years of marriage--or at least it used to be. The number of people who are over 50 and divorcing is steadily rising. Indeed, it has become so commonplace that experts have coined a term for it: the "gray divorce."

Woman convinces judge to void prenuptial agreement

Prenuptial agreements can help make the divorce process less contentious -- that is, if they are upheld by a court. These agreements are routinely upheld by judges in Massachusetts, but a woman in the middle of a divorce recently convinced a judge to find her prenuptial agreement invalid.

Mistakes to avoid in a surprise divorce

Couples in Massachusetts never expect their marriages to end in divorce, and do not generally plan for a life after their marriage. But when a spouse wants a divorce "out-of-the-blue," the experience can be jarring. A divorce can be a particularly emotional time, and when emotions take over, people tend to make rash decisions that can adversely affect their divorce. This is particularly true if the end of a marriage is sudden or contentious.

Changes in Massachusetts have other states taking notice

As a society changes sometimes laws need to be changed as well. Many of our Massachusetts readers probably know that the state has undertaken some drastic changes to alimony law in recent years, and as a result other states have begun to take notice. Changing family dynamics and the economic recession of recent years have had a huge impact on American society, and Massachusetts has not gone unaffected.

Massachusetts businessman in midst of high asset divorce

Christy Mihos is a staple of life in Massachusetts. At one time he owned dozens of stores on Cape Cod and was the vice chairman of the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority. Mihos also twice ran for governor of Massachusetts, although both campaigns were ultimately unsuccessful.

New Federal tax law will affect property division during divorce

Salem residents who follow the news are likely very familiar with the "fiscal cliff" that dominated headlines at the end of 2012. To avert this fiscal cliff, Congress passed a series of tax reforms entitled the American Taxpayer Relief Act. The ATRA went into effect on January 1, 2013, and is already affecting property division during divorce.

Singer in Black Keys and wife divorcing

For Massachussetts couples going through a divorce, child custody may be one of the most challenging and emotional times in their lives. Deciding which parent will have primary custody of the children is almost always a very difficult decision for divorcing couples. A well-known rock singer and his wife who have reportedly commenced the divorce process may be facing this issue soon.

Negotiating a divorce property settlement agreement

The end of a marriage begins long before the divorce decree is signed. This is exceptionally true in a high asset divorce. Among the most hotly contested divorce disputes often involve the division of property and child custody concerns. The following piece discusses property division; in particular it discusses real estate and real estate appraisals. Massachusetts's couples might find the following piece rather informative.

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