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Parents can face stiff penalties for not paying child support

Most child support orders are put in place by a court to ensure that growing children have their financial needs met. In Massachusetts, child support orders are taken very seriously, and failure to make timely payments for the predetermined amount can result in stiff penalties. When payments lag behind, a child can suffer, and an extra burden is placed on a custodial parent to try to cover the needs of the child. 

US most deadbeat dad arrested for thousands in back child support

America's most wanted deadbeat dad is heading to jail and will have to fork over hundreds of thousands of dollars in restitution. The courts look upon child support in Massachusetts as in other states, as mandatory for the welfare of the children in question. This particular 65-year-old man was allegedly running from child support payments since 1998. He was found and arrested in Canada.

Man jailed for failing to pay child support

Marriage can be rewarding for many couples, but it is rarely easy. Many Massachusetts residents may know of at least one couple who has chosen to file for divorce rather than try to make a difficult marriage work. It is also not uncommon for these couples to have children. Often, parents can come to an agreement regarding custody and child support payments, but sometimes, one parent may have difficulty collecting these payments from his or her ex-spouse. This can result in jail time for the parents who fall behind on or fail to make their child support payments. 

Courts sets child support for man previously presumed dead

Many people living in Massachusetts have seen a movie or television show where someone abandons his or her identity and creates a new one, but few have seen it in the real world. A family recently discovered that the man who was once a husband and father to them and who they believed to be dead was, in fact, alive and living under a new name with a new family. After having abandoned his family almost 25 years ago, this man has been ordered to pay $2 million in child support for many of those missing years.

Estranged wife of Jesse Williams asks for more child support

The cost of childcare can be very expensive, more than many expect it to be. Massachusetts parents who are having difficulty providing for their children or who believe that their ex-spouses are able to contribute more may be able to get an increase in child support. Even celebrity parents find themselves in situations where they feel as though an increase in support payments is necessary. 

Man attempts to forge wife's signature to lower child support

It is common for emotions to run high during a divorce, especially if there are a significant number of assets or if there are children involved. Many parents try to work together as much as possible when children are involved so that their children are properly cared for and they might continue to have a relationship with both parents. However, some Massachusetts residents might be shocked to learn the lengths that some parents are willing to go to in order to lower their child support payments or alter their visitation or custody agreements. 

Man arrested for failure to pay child support since 1998

Divorce has become a fairly common occurrence across the nation. Couples with children work out new routines, and many parents have no problems making child support payments. However, as some Massachusetts residents may know, there are a few parents who will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid making child support payments. 

The long battle for child support

In Massachusetts, as well as many other states, divorce is not an uncommon practice amongst couples with children. However, divorces involving children can often become more complicated and stressful for not only the parents but for the children as well. Some families struggle to collect child support payments from former spouses, and the court battles that follow can be drawn out over several months or even years. It may come as a shock to many that some courts put a deadline on certain types of cases, including child support cases. 

Man sent to prison for refusing to pay child support

Many Massachusetts parents who have gone through a divorce rely on the financial support paid to them by their former spouses in order to provide for their children. However, there are some individuals who are either unable to make their child support payments, or who simply refuse to do so. What some might not know is that a person who fails to pay court-ordered child support could be sent to prison.

Mother fights for child support for 25 years

Many Massachusetts residents know that a divorce can end on very unfriendly terms. One partner may, in some cases, go out of his or her way to make things difficult for the other person. These actions may include dragging out the divorce proceedings or withholding alimony or child support payments. 

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