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There are more changes to be made after child custody is decided

Many of the people in Massachusetts who are going through a divorce know that it can be an incredibly long and stressful process. Sometimes, family and friends feel the need to choose sides, which may result in more fighting and can strain the situation even more. However, there are still a number of changes to be made after all of the papers are signed. Divorced couples who have had to come to a child custody agreement still have many more things to consider after the divorce is final.

Benefits of sharing child custody

Children react to divorce in several different ways. Some will lash out and purposely stir up trouble, and other will withdraw into themselves. There are still others that will act as if nothing is wrong until no one is watching. Parents in Massachusetts might consider sharing child custody as a way to provide a stable environment for their children.

Nesting: A child custody arrangement made to benefit kids

In Massachusetts, when a couple decides to divorce, there are many issues that must be discussed. If they are parents, child custody and support may be important considerations. These types of issues can lead to arguments and anger because the parties do not always agree about what is best for their kids.

Father without child custody takes boy in Massachusetts

Massachusetts State Police recently arrested a man who appears to have taken the law into his own hands. Police say the man took his 3-year-old son from the home of the child's mother in Plymouth, assaulting the mother in the process. Apparently, the man does not have child custody rights concerning the boy. The removal of the child was termed a parental kidnapping, and a search ensued for the boy and the father. The good news is that they were found and the child was unharmed.

Massachusetts considering new child custody rules

A proposed law about child custody is under consideration by the Massachusetts legislature. The bill would change the child custody guidelines to make the default rule a 50/50 split of time between the parents. Family courts across the country have been moving toward a concept of true joint custody in recent years, and this legislative proposal would take that one step further in the Bay State. 

Child custody: Infants and toddlers need sleepovers with dads

Any divorced parent in Massachusetts will likely know how difficult it is to make sure all decisions are in the best interests of the child -- especially if the child is an infant or a toddler. When parents negotiate child custody and parenting time, it would only be natural for a mother to think it would not be in best interest of the child to have overnight visits with the father at such a young age. She might fear such visits might jeopardize the mother-child relationship.

For child custody determinations, stable may not mean two parents

To play a role in a child's life, various adults may seek court approval, even if they are not the child's parent. For example, grandparents may request custodial powers. Indeed, in our changing American family demographic, new custody arrangements are bound to arise. A recent example, involving one dad and two moms, underscores that the best interests of a child can be served from a variety of loving contacts.

Stressed about your divorce or custody? Yelling won't help

Parents who are going through a contentious divorce or fighting over custody struggle with intense, painful emotions. They can feel frustrated, helpless, angry, betrayed and scared, and these emotions can be enough to make anyone lose their temper more easily.

Custody laws receive poor shared parenting grades

A 2014 report card from the National Parents Organization rated how shared parenting was dealt with in state child custody laws, and Massachusetts was awarded a C+ grade. While this may not seem to be a ringing endorsement, only five states received better grades. The law is often accused of failing to keep up with changes in society, and many legal experts say that outdated gender roles form the basis of much of the nation's child custody laws.

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