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Seeking guardianship of children? A lawyer may be of assistance

Children are an important part of many peoples’ lives and most parents will do whatever they can to stay a part of their lives. There are times however when a parent is not able to care for his or her kids. When that happens, the children will need to be cared for by someone else.

Tips for grandparents seeking custody or visitation

Due to economic struggles, incarceration, substance abuse, alternative housing situations, longer life spans and other reasons, more grandparents across Massachusetts and around the country are now living with or providing care for their grandchildren. If you are in the situation of wanting to seek custody of or visitation time with your grandkids, there are some things you need to understand as you enter the family law court system.

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements can help provide for family

Generally, when we think of planning for our family's future in the event of our death, we think of using the tools available through estate planning. Although an estate plan is something everyone should have, it is also important to note the important role a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can play in an estate plan. The Wall Street Journal recently addressed this topic, noting that these legal documents can be particularly important for those with business interests.

Domestic violence incident spurs state lawmakers into action

Readers may recall a violent domestic abuse allegation that ended in tragedy. The son of Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy was accused of stabbing to death a woman in Waltham, Massachusetts. Some commentators may have faulted authorities for not taking more precautions, as the tragedy happened the very next day after the man had been released from custody -- on assault charges against the same woman.

Family law helps preserve parental, child rights during adoption

In Massachusetts, state law provides certain parental rights to birth parents. Although there are exceptions, such as in the case of a parent that has been found legally unfit by a family law court, it is generally presumed that a parent has a right to be involved in his or her child’s life. For that reason, consent is generally required from a birth parent before a child may be placed up for adoption.

Considering a prenuptial agreement in a second marriage

Married couples in Massachusetts understand that the divorce process requires much decision-making. Even after dissolution, the need to make major choices does not cease. The end of a marriage often means still dealing with post-divorce issues. Whether it is child custody disputes, alimony payments or just simply moving on with life, various family law issues can persist long after a divorce is finalized. This is often true for those going through a second or third marriage.

Could divorce run in the family?

The environment a person grows up in will often determine how they turn out. Their family and home life will often shape how they will carry out their home and family life in the future. Children of divorce will often carry those memories with them and revert back to them when they are in a marriage of their own. Married couples in Massachusetts understand that the negativities of their parents' marriage could be present in their own marriage, which could ultimately lead to divorce and various other family law issues.

Child custody with special needs children

There are some life events that can be very life changing and could significantly alter the lives of a couple and their children. When married couples in Massachusetts file for divorce, there is a laundry list of issues that need to be addressed before the dissolution could be finalized. When children are involved in the process, the needs of the children will shape how a divorce agreement is constructed. In addition, the needs of the children not only determine child support but other family law issues such as custody and the ability to relocate.

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