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Temporary custody orders

While a divorce case is pending in Massachusetts, a judge may issue temporary child custody orders. These orders last only until the final divorce and custody hearing, at which time the judge will hear evidence and issue the permanent custody orders that will govern the child's residence, visitation and the parents' responsibility for decision-making.

Massachusetts law and no fault divorce

Some Massachusetts residents believe that a spouse must provide compelling grounds before a divorce will be granted. While a divorce may still be granted in Massachusetts for reasons including adultery, abandonment or alcohol or drug addiction, grounds such as this are no longer required. Massachusetts like every other state has adopted a no-fault divorce law, which means that a divorce will be granted if one of the spouses maintains that the marriage is broken beyond repair due to differences that cannot be reconciled.

The types of child custody orders in Massachusetts

As is the case in other states, there are two types of child custody arrangements that a Massachusetts court could order when parents end their marriage. The types are legal and physical custody, and such arrangements might be ordered as part of a divorce settlement that is accepted by the court or through a litigated divorce.

When can alimony be terminated?

Massachusetts residents who are going through divorce may wish to learn more about how rehabilitative alimony works. The purpose of rehabilitative alimony is to allow an individual some time to go to school or re-establish a career. It most cases, a spouse will receive rehabilitative alimony for five years or less. However, alimony payments may be terminated early in certain circumstances.

Can I be forced to leave my home during a divorce?

In Massachusetts, a judge presiding over a couple's divorce proceedings can enter an order requiring either the husband or wife to vacate the marital home for up to 90 days in the event that the other spouse is able to prove that failing to enter such an order would put either the spouse or his or her children at serious risk of harm. The order may be extended for an additional time period as needed.

Legal representation important during divorce

Few people enter marriage thinking that it will end in divorce. Nonetheless, as well all know this does happen, fairly frequently. While most divorces are hard on some level, depending on the circumstances surrounding a split, such as the length of the marriage and the catalyst for the divorce, they can be emotionally difficult to handle. Because of this it is important to have a lawyer, who thoroughly understands the process, on your side. Such an individual can help to make sure that emotions don’t get in the way of obtaining all that you are entitled to in the divorce.

Understanding how a prenup could work for you

If you aren’t sitting on a pile of cash you may think that a prenuptial agreement is not worth entering into before marriage. A prenuptial agreement can be used to protect more than cold hard cash however which could make it worth exploring. Some of the ways in which it may be used may be surprising to readers.

Studies suggest the amount spent on weddings impacts divorce rate

There are of course many things that go into a happy marriage. According to two recent studies, the amount of money spent on the event and the accompanying ring could play a role. The studies found that couples who spent less on the event and ring actually had marriages that lasted longer. The results of these studies might prompt some residents of the state of Massachusetts to think twice about their big day.

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