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Man sent to prison for refusing to pay child support

Many Massachusetts parents who have gone through a divorce rely on the financial support paid to them by their former spouses in order to provide for their children. However, there are some individuals who are either unable to make their child support payments, or who simply refuse to do so. What some might not know is that a person who fails to pay court-ordered child support could be sent to prison.

Mother fights for child support for 25 years

Many Massachusetts residents know that a divorce can end on very unfriendly terms. One partner may, in some cases, go out of his or her way to make things difficult for the other person. These actions may include dragging out the divorce proceedings or withholding alimony or child support payments. 

Child support payments may be changed after reduction in income

Divorces that involve children can be especially stressful for the entire family. After the divorce is final, the primary custody of the children will often be given to one parent, and the other will have visitation rights and be asked to pay child support. Some parents in Massachusetts asked to pay child support worry that they might be asked to continue making payments that they can't afford if there is a change in their income. 

Failure to pay child support results in arrest

Individuals in Massachusetts know that divorce is difficult for the entire family, especially children. Family members and friends may feel like they need to choose sides, and children are too often caught in the middle. When custody is determined, it is important for each individual to honor any agreements concerning visitation or child support.

How much child support lands in the pockets of 10-percenters?

An executive of the Massachusetts state lottery says the number of repeat lottery winners in the state defies logic and must involve some rule bending. After the analysis of almost 11 million lottery payout records of 34 states, students from a graduate school of journalism in another state determined that Massachusetts has much more repeat lottery winners than any other state. Questions are raised about individuals cashing in winning tickets on behalf of people who owe debts like child support and taxes.

Massachusetts child support vital to many families

In Massachusetts and elsewhere, a noncustodial parent does not have a court order giving him or her physical or legal custody of a child. This may occur as the result of divorce proceedings, but it can also happen in other circumstances. These include paternity findings and court orders concerning parents who are not married. In most cases, noncustodial parents must pay child support to the parent with whom the child resides.

Child support is owned once ordered in Massachusetts

When a couple divorces in Massachusetts, it is often the case that they have children who are affected. In most cases, one of the parents is ordered to pay child support to the other. This money is intended to help the custodial parent pay for the expenses of raising a child.

Covering all the bases during child support negotiations

For those in Massachusetts who are negotiating a divorce, the sheer number of decisions that must be made can be overwhelming. It is easy to overlook things during this hectic time, and it is rare for an individual to emerge from a divorce feeling as though he or she truly covered all the bases. One thing that is often left out of child support discussions are the additional expenses that children incur as they move through adolescence.

Viewing child support and custody like a business deal

For many Massachusetts parents, moving through and beyond a divorce is the most challenging thing that they will ever encounter. It is important to remember that there are things that parents can do to make issues surrounding child custody and child support easier to navigate. One tactic that works for many is to begin treating the matter like a business deal. That may sound heartless, but it is a very effective approach that can help parents establish a positive co-parenting relationship.

How can a pediatrician help during child support negotiations?

When planning to divorce, most Massachusetts residents take care to select an attorney who can best represent their interests throughout the process. Some will also hire a financial advisor, and others will work with a counselor to process their emotional reaction to a divorce. For parents who are struggling through divorce and related stress over child custody and child support, the family pediatrician can also be a valuable part of the divorce team.

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