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Reasons the divorce process may drag on

When someone finally decides to file for divorce, they often hope that the process will be very quick. No one wants to drag out the process. Unfortunately that is not always the outcome. In many cases, a divorce may be slowed by a number of different reasons, not to mention any wait period that may be required by state law.

Can your family business thrive during a divorce?

One of the most difficult circumstances in a divorce is when a couple owns their own business. That business may be run by one or both of the spouses and may be the source of the family’s primary income. With so much at stake, it makes sense that a divorce can get extremely contentious if a business has to be split up in the process.

Concerned that you may be divorcing a narcissist?

There are few things more difficult than weathering a relationship with a narcissist. The trouble with this reality is that narcissism is not always easy to spot. In fact, it is the very nature of narcissism that others are often temporarily blinded to the faults of a narcissist in favor of his or her charisma and drive.

Chris Rock's prenup expired before his divorce

Massachusetts residents who are fans of comedian Chris Rock might be interested to learn about his divorce. In December, Rock filed for divorce from his wife and agreed that the prenuptial agreement they had previously signed had expired. Now, Rock's estranged wife is seeking a portion of his $70 million estate that is commensurate with the marital standard of living.

Social Security benefits and divorce

When a Massachusetts couple is contemplating a divorce, there are often several issues that must be considered. If the couple has children, they may need to determine where the children will live and how much in child support the custodial parent may seek. However, many couples who are heading towards their 10-year anniversary may not realize that there are future matters that they may be forgetting about.

Avoiding common financial mistakes when getting a divorce

When spouses in Massachusetts are pursuing a divorce, there are precautions they can take in order to keep the process as simple as possible. The effects of the end of a marriage can continue on long after the divorce decree is finalized, especially when it comes to financial matters. Due to this, there are some major issues spouses should avoid during the process.

Facebook may be ruining relationships in Massachusetts

Two studies indicate that Facebook and social media may be causing relationship problems and breakups. A survey of 2,000 married people in the United Kingdom found that one in seven respondents had thought about divorcing their spouse as a result of social media activity, which includes sites like Twitter, Skype and SnapChat in addition to Facebook. About 25 percent of those who took the survey said they had at least one argument a week about social media, and 17 percent said it the cause of a daily argument.

Using Facebook to serve notice of divorce in Massachusetts

For people in Massachusetts who have exhausted other, more traditional channels of contacting spouses in a contentious divorce, serving documents via Facebook may be the last recourse. New case law emerging out of New York and other states sets a precedent for this kind of service, but for a court to view such service favorably, there must be exceptional circumstances prohibiting location or service of the spouse.

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