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Why do seemingly stable marriages end in divorce?

Actress Jane Seymour, famous for her role in "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman," recently announced that she was splitting from her husband after 20 years of marriage. The two have teenage twin sons. Sources close to the couple are saying that they were having difficulties trusting each other. When seemingly stable marriages suddenly end in divorce, it can make people question the institution of marriage generally.

Think carefully before announcing your divorce via social media

In today's hyper-interconnected world, social media have become a part of daily life for people in Massachusetts. While these websites such as Facebook have allowed people to more easily stay in contact with each other, and Twitter has even been lauded as a major reason why the Arab Spring was possible, they also implicate privacy. Anybody on social media has seen postings or comments that seem a little too private to be broadcast publicly and permanently across the internet.

Divorce now or wait until the children are grown?

Contemplating the end of a marriage can be difficult for any couple in Massachusetts. This is particularly true when the couple has children. When parents realize that their relationship is over, one of the most difficult divorce issues for the couple to face is whether the couple should stay together for the sake of the children.

Man crawls away--literally--from making child support payments

While a divorce can be difficult for the couple that is separating, it can be particularly hard for the couple's children. Children going through a divorce often feel that they have to choose between their parents, or that one parent is abandoning them. The child's life is not made any easier when one parent decides not to pay his or her legally required child support payments. In Massachusetts, failing to pay child support can have serious consequences.

$11 billion at stake in what will likely be a high asset divorce

For most readers here in Massachusetts, a billion dollars is only an abstract concept that is impossible to conceive of in real life. But for a select few, a billion dollar transaction is a part of daily life. When these billionaires decide to divorce, their complex property division settlements often make national news.

"Gray" divorces on the rise in Massachusetts

People in Massachusetts are accustomed to reading about young celebrity marriages ending in divorce only a few months after the marriage certificate is signed. However it is less common to hear about couples divorcing after 40 years of marriage--or at least it used to be. The number of people who are over 50 and divorcing is steadily rising. Indeed, it has become so commonplace that experts have coined a term for it: the "gray divorce."

Woman convinces judge to void prenuptial agreement

Prenuptial agreements can help make the divorce process less contentious -- that is, if they are upheld by a court. These agreements are routinely upheld by judges in Massachusetts, but a woman in the middle of a divorce recently convinced a judge to find her prenuptial agreement invalid.

Mistakes to avoid in a surprise divorce

Couples in Massachusetts never expect their marriages to end in divorce, and do not generally plan for a life after their marriage. But when a spouse wants a divorce "out-of-the-blue," the experience can be jarring. A divorce can be a particularly emotional time, and when emotions take over, people tend to make rash decisions that can adversely affect their divorce. This is particularly true if the end of a marriage is sudden or contentious.

Massachusetts businessman in midst of high asset divorce

Christy Mihos is a staple of life in Massachusetts. At one time he owned dozens of stores on Cape Cod and was the vice chairman of the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority. Mihos also twice ran for governor of Massachusetts, although both campaigns were ultimately unsuccessful.

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