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Methods used to hide assets ahead of divorce

If you and your spouse are heading for a split, you may have experienced a breakdown of trust somewhere along the way, whether due to infidelity, spending habits or what have you. If you already distrust your partner, you may have valid concerns about him or her attempting to stockpile assets and conceal money from you so that he or she gets the better deal after the divorce.

Is divorce contagious among friends?

Has something a friend done ever influenced a choice you made? A little reflection will reveal that it has probably happened multiple times. Perhaps you wanted to try a restaurant a coworker raved about or follow a friend's taste in fashion. It may have been something more important, such as deciding to put off motherhood in favor of your career or vice versa. It is common for milestones in people's lives to affect their friends' choices, especially when it comes to lifetime decisions such as marriage and parenthood. It will come as no surprise, then, that the same is true for divorce.

How to tell if your spouse is hiding assets from you

As if dividing up property in a high-asset divorce is not difficult enough, it can be even worse when you suspect your spouse is hiding assets from you. You do not want your ex to cheat you out of what you deserve, yet you may fear making any accusations until you are absolutely certain or have physical evidence. What should you do? How can you tell if there are hidden assets?

Property division in Massachusetts

During the divorce process, the parties involved have a lot of decisions they must make. Some of the most challenging decisions usually involve property division. Like many states, Massachusetts is an equitable distribution state, which means that property should be divided as equitably as possible; however, equitable does not always mean equal.

Social Security retirement benefits following a divorce

When a couple in Massachusetts has been married for a significant period of time and chooses to end their marriage, there are often many assets that must be shared. While some are obvious, such as real estate and bank accounts, many people may overlook their right to Social Security retirement benefits. These benefits are complicated as is, but when a divorce is thrown into the mix, even more confusion can result.

Kurt Cobain's guitar point of contention in daughter's divorce

Many families in Massachusetts have family heirlooms that hold a great deal of sentimental value. In many cases, these items can also hold a great deal of monetary value. Such appears to be the case regarding Kurt Cobain's guitar. The instrument has reportedly become a point of contention between Kurt Cobain's daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, and her estranged husband, Isaiah Silva, as they go through the divorce process.

The importance of avoiding social media during divorce

For many people in Massachusetts, social media is an important part of their lives. They use it to communicate with friends and family, meet new people and even to network for their jobs. However, social media posts can provide revealing, and often unintended, information about a person's life. Anything posted online can potentially be used in court during divorce proceedings.

On recordkeeping and alimony

Alimony and spousal support are one and the same. These support payments are crucial for former spouses who need the financial support to help them live their post-divorce lives. When it is involved in your divorce, spousal support becomes a critical topic that you need to track -- regardless of whether you are the paying spouse or the receiving spouse.

How to deal with the tough issue of pet custody

Imagine that after months and months of disagreement, and a creeping sense that you and your spouse simply can't hold the marriage together, the two of you decide that it is time to divorce. As you have this difficult conversation with your spouse, your adorable golden retriever walks up, wagging his tail. The two of you bought him together years ago. You and your spouse look at the dog, then back at each other -- and the same question crosses your minds.

Reasons the divorce process may drag on

When someone finally decides to file for divorce, they often hope that the process will be very quick. No one wants to drag out the process. Unfortunately that is not always the outcome. In many cases, a divorce may be slowed by a number of different reasons, not to mention any wait period that may be required by state law.

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