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Steps to prevent losing your business in a high asset divorce

Any Massachusetts resident who has worked hard to build a successful business may be devastated if a spouse takes half of it in a divorce. For that reason, measures are typically taken to protect such an asset -- especially in a high asset divorce. Although not watertight, a prenuptial agreement could provide the necessary protection if one spouse owned the business before the marriage.

High asset divorce not for the faint-hearted

Massachusetts residents might agree that no divorce is easy to navigate, because they are so emotionally taxing on both spouses. The financial strain that is typically associated with a high asset divorce can make it even more challenging. The division of complex financial portfolios is hardly ever easy.

How to tell if your spouse is hiding assets from you

As if dividing up property in a high-asset divorce is not difficult enough, it can be even worse when you suspect your spouse is hiding assets from you. You do not want your ex to cheat you out of what you deserve, yet you may fear making any accusations until you are absolutely certain or have physical evidence. What should you do? How can you tell if there are hidden assets?

Advice for those filing a QDRO

If you have been following our blogs on property division, you know how important it is to adhere to court guidelines and make your requests in a timely fashion. Failing to follow protocol can lead to tax penalties and bog down the transfer of assets. For those engaged in divorce proceedings without an independent stream of income, the speed at which funds can be deposited into a bank account may make the difference between paying the mortgage and falling behind on disbursing debt.

Why seal the records in a high asset divorce?

For some Massachusetts residents, privacy is a very personal matter, one that is taken seriously. A high asset divorce is often seen as a major invasion of that privacy since divorce records will become part of the public record, available for anyone to access for any reason. That means that a couple's financial information and personal matters can be placed in the public realm, a thought that many people find difficult to bear.

New filings in Johnny Depp's high asset divorce case

The high profile divorce between Johnny Depp and his former wife, Amber Heard, may be final, but the pair may return to court to debate the details of that split. As part of the couple's high asset divorce, Depp agreed to pay a settlement in the amount of $7 million. Massachusetts residents may recall that Heard pledged to donate that money to several charities. Now, however, she claims that Depp has failed to make good on his side of that bargain.

Prenuptial agreements go far beyond high asset divorce

When many Massachusetts residents consider a prenup, they think about the contract only in terms of asset protection. In reality, however, prenuptial agreements have a number of benefits in addition to protecting wealth in case of a high asset divorce. One of the biggest reasons to negotiate a prenup is to go through a crash course in each party's financial habits.

High asset divorce likely to increase in January

Divorce attorneys agree that there are certain times of year when divorce filings spike. January, otherwise known as "divorce month," is one of the busiest months for family law attorneys. Often, a spouse will initiate a high asset divorce in the first few weeks of the year, after the holidays have passed. Massachusetts divorce attorneys often use the holidays to rest and recharge, knowing that things will be busy once the New Year begins. 

Equitable distribution of retirement in a high asset divorce

Massachusetts readers know that the end of a marriage signals many changes for the two spouses, including financial adjustments and division of marital property. Any issue that involves the division of money or valuable assets can be complicated, and the appropriate distribution of retirement assets is no exception. Without care and the help of an experienced family law attorney, a high asset divorce has the power to derail a person's retirement.

Massachusetts high asset divorce involves equitable distribution

Divorce may be on the horizon if the couple simply cannot reconcile their differences. The process of getting divorced can be difficult emotionally, no matter what the income levels of the parties may be. However, a high asset divorce can be especially tough to navigate.

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