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Navigating a high asset divorce later in life

When older Americans decide to end their marriage, it will bring to light a host of complicated financial issues that must be addressed before the process can be finalized. Gray divorce is a term given to describe the high and growing number of people who choose to divorce in the years close to retirement and after decades together. A high asset divorce is almost always complicated, and it can be especially more so for Massachusetts couples with a large amount of retirement savings.

Easing the emotional impact of a high asset divorce

The end of a marriage will usher in a time of transition and emotional upheaval. This can be quite stressful and unpleasant, even for the most amicable of couples. In order to avoid or mitigate some of the emotional complications that are brought by a high asset divorce, Massachusetts readers may find it beneficial to take steps to prepare for what lies ahead. 

High asset divorce: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt call it quits

Going through a divorce is a situation that could affect any married couple. Even celebrities are not immune to facing relationship difficulties that could lead to the ending of their marriages. However, when these relationships end, the individuals involved will likely face high asset divorce circumstances, which could lead to complications. Of course, celebrities are not the only ones that could face such circumstances.

Lifestyle adjustment after a high asset divorce

The end of a marriage will bring many significant changes, especially to a person's finances and ability to maintain the same lifestyle. While a significant change in lifestyle is not always avoidable, it is possible for a person to prepare and outline practical expectations for their life after the divorce is final. This effort can make it easier and much less stressful to navigate a high asset divorce.

High asset divorce and college savings

Upon making the decision to separate or end a marriage, Massachusetts parents must consider various important financial matters, including college savings accounts. In a high asset divorce, it is critical to consider the long-term implications of any financial decisions, such as the protection of savings set aside for the payment of college tuition. It is possible to protect these savings and ensure that they are used appropriately.

The timing of a high asset divorce

The end of a marriage can be difficult, and for many couples, it is important to factor in important seasons and events before moving forward with the legal process. For a person facing a high asset divorce, the timing of the divorce can be a critically important factor for the future. There are many reasons why people may delay or plan a divorce, often waiting until after the holidays are over.

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