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Extension of federal benefits to same-sex partners

The decision to marry is usually an easy step for Massachusetts couples who desire to spend their lives together. Although the choice might be an easy one to make, the process is not a simple one to go through for same-sex partners. Although same sex marriages are allowed and recognized in the state of Massachusetts, future planning is crucial for the couple. This often means determining if relocation is possible and how a divorce would be carried out. Because some states do not recognize same sex marriages, this can lead to a complex dissolution as well as other difficulties.

Insurance coverage and same sex divorce

Although couples in Massachusetts understand that both marriage and divorce come with their difficulties, same-sex partners often go through additional obstacles and complexities during these life events. A same sex divorce could prove to be several times more difficult than a heterosexual couple's dissolution. Even after recent changes, the process has yet to be entirely equal in the books and in action.

DOMA ruling impacting same-sex divorces

The end of a relationship can be a very difficult and emotional time for those involved. Even if both sides agree that parting ways is proper for them, the transitioning period can be devastating. Dividing up assets and property in a divorce can be problematic for some couples in Massachusetts. Same-sex couples may encounter challenges when it comes to getting a divorce. Although their fight to get married in the state is no longer a pressing issue, their ability to get divorced like traditional married couples still is.

Positive changes for same-sex couples and student loans

Married couples in Massachusetts understand that their relationship and union could provide them some benefits. Same-sex partners in Massachusetts have not always experienced these federal and state benefits, but as the nation becomes more progressive, same-sex couples are treated virtually the same in some aspects of marriage. This in turn has caused same-sex partners to experience new and difficult issues when it comes to divorce because same-sex couples are still fighting to be treated equally when it comes to divorce and dividing assets and property.

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