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Potential property division and other financial issues in divorce

Couples who are going through a divorce often quickly realize that it is much more than signing a few documents. Many Massachusetts residents who are going through a divorce may be blind-sided by the large number of decisions that they must make before the divorce is finalized. Property division can be a long and confusing process, especially because not all property is valued or taxed in the same way. 

IRAs and property division

Divorces can be messy affairs for many couples in Massachusetts and other states across the country. Many couples find it difficult to discuss property division. There are some things, like homes and bank accounts, which are relatively easy to divide because so many couples have had to split them in the past. However, there are several couples across the country who are questioning whether or not they can divide an inherited IRA, and some are already doing it. 

Property division extends to cellphone accounts

Technology is a major part of many people's lives. Many spouses in Massachusetts, as well as many other states across the country, have joint cellphone accounts which may allow them access to one another's email and online storage accounts. During a divorce, many couples may forget to consider their online accounts when discussing property division

The difficulties of property division and pets

Divorce can be a very stressful process regardless of how well the couple splitting up gets along. Property division and custody agreements can create an incredible amount of tension between any couple, as some Massachusetts residents may have discovered. But how does the family pet fit in? Many people across the country see their pets as members of the family and are unwilling to part with them easily. 

Property division relating to financial accounts

Deciding to file for a divorce is a decision that many Massachusetts couples do not take lightly. This decision requires careful consideration and planning. Part of that planning is property division. Many couples discover that dividing their physical and financial assets can be incredibly difficult, especially 401(k) or similar accounts.  

Property division after lengthy a lengthy marriage

Older couples are choosing to divorce more often in recent years as some Massachusetts residents may have noticed. Some of these couples who have been together for decades have a significant number of assets, and property division can be difficult. One couple who had been together for nearly seven decades now faces the task of dividing a multi-million dollar real estate empire. 

The effect of property division on your credit report

Divorce can be an incredibly stressful process for both spouses and their families, as many Massachusetts residents know. Some people may try to rush through the property division portion of the divorce in hopes of ending the entire process as soon as possible, especially if the former spouses are at odds with one another. However, how property and finances are divided after a divorce can have long-term effects on a person's credit score.

Property division options after divorce

Ending a marriage can be a long and difficult process. Many families in Massachusetts struggle with property division. Deciding how to divide up large assets, like a house, can cause friction between separating couples, and it can sometimes put extra stress on any children that the couple may have. 

Tips to consider when discussing property division

Communication between couples going through a divorce can be strained and sometimes awkward. Because of this, people will sometimes try to rush through discussions about how to divide assets in order to move the process along. Attorneys in Massachusetts can help clients to understand how assets are best divided and why some methods of property division look better on paper than in practice.

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