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Massachusetts father gets jail time over child custody hearing

A father who failed to attend a custody court hearing will be spending six months in jail. The man, who was living in Massachusetts at the time of the child custody hearing, was found in contempt of court for failing to attend the hearing, which was held in another state. He received the maximum sentence allowed by law.

Mother of Thomas Ravenel's 2 children seeks full child custody

Over the last several years, more and more people are coming forward with tales of sexual assault, most notably against celebrities. These accusations affect not only the people directly involved but also their families, as many Massachusetts residents may have guessed. If the accused individual has children, then the other parent might become particularly concerned. This parent might feel that it is necessary to create a child custody agreement or alter an existing agreement that limit's the child or children's contact with the accused parent, as was the case with Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis

Court rules in lesbian couple's child custody case

In Massachusetts and elsewhere, divorces between couples with children can sometimes be more difficult than those between couples without children. This can be especially true if the child is only biologically related to one parent, as is the case for some gay and lesbian couples. In these types of child custody cases, it may be left up to the courts to decide if one or both parents should be awarded custody. 

Infidelity and its effects on child custody

Marriages end for a variety of reasons. Massachusetts residents may know of someone who ended a marriage for financial, work-related or even stress-related reasons, and the ensuing divorce proceedings can range from amicable to hostile. However, there are certain circumstances which may add additional stress to the divorce proceedings. Marriages that end due to infidelity can be especially stressful, especially if there are children involved. Many parents may fear that infidelity during a marriage or new partners acquired during a separation could impact the child custody agreement. 

Shannon Beador's husband demands joint child custody

Determining visitation schedules for children can be difficult for many Massachusetts couples going through a divorce. However, there are many parents who are not completely satisfied with visitation rights. Some parents would rather share child custody as evenly as possible.

Father faces prison after breaking child custody agreement

Parents in Massachusetts going through a divorce know that the process can be just as difficult for the children as it is for the parents themselves. Determining child custody can put an incredible strain on the relationship between the parents, especially if they already do not get along. In some cases, a parent may feel the need to take desperate action in order to retain custody. 

Gay couple's child custody cases taken to Supreme Court

When couples with children divorce, the parents often choose to share custody in some way. Some parents agree to have the child or children live primarily with one parent while the other is given visitation rights. Others choose to share custody as equally as possible. However, as some Massachusetts couples may have realized, determining child custody can become more complicated in cases where only one parent is biologically related to the child. 

Pushing for shared child custody

For years, courts have determined which parent is fit to be the primary caregiver for a child after a divorce if the parents are unable to decide amongst themselves. Now, a number of states, including Massachusetts, are pushing for shared child custody after divorce. A number of arguments have been made both for and against this growing practice.

Child custody between same-sex couples

Massachusetts attorneys have seen their fair share of marriages end in divorce. Sometimes, former spouses are able to get along during and after the divorce is final, but there are some circumstances that can put an extra strain on what remains of the relationship. Determining child custody has the potential to turn any divorce into a vicious battle, and it can be made worse when only one of the parents is the biological parent.

Determining child custody sometimes requires sacrifice

Divorce can sometimes be a complicated and messy affair, as some Massachusetts residents may know. The process can be made even more complicated when children are involved. Some parents are unwilling to compromise on the subject of child custody. Other times a parent's work schedule or travel requirements can present a problem. Parents must be willing to make sacrifices to ensure the well-being of their child or children.

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