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August 2018 Archives

US most deadbeat dad arrested for thousands in back child support

America's most wanted deadbeat dad is heading to jail and will have to fork over hundreds of thousands of dollars in restitution. The courts look upon child support in Massachusetts as in other states, as mandatory for the welfare of the children in question. This particular 65-year-old man was allegedly running from child support payments since 1998. He was found and arrested in Canada.

Can you make a postnuptial agreement in Massachusetts?

No doubt you have heard of, and maybe even created, a prenuptial agreement. Prenups provide a way for a couple to sit down and discuss the financial expectations of marriage. The document usually covers separate and communal property as well as property division in the event of a potential divorce. It offers protection particularly for parties with high assets. Such agreements can reveal personal beliefs that help couples decide if they should proceed with the marriage.

Potential property division and other financial issues in divorce

Couples who are going through a divorce often quickly realize that it is much more than signing a few documents. Many Massachusetts residents who are going through a divorce may be blind-sided by the large number of decisions that they must make before the divorce is finalized. Property division can be a long and confusing process, especially because not all property is valued or taxed in the same way. 

Socialite balks at the bill for her high asset divorce

Lifestyles of the rich and famous are, to many Massachusetts residents, something to be envied. Many people wonder what it would be like to be able to spend millions without batting an eye. One socialite did just that. She and her now ex-husband spent millions each year on a variety of things before settling a high asset divorce. Now, after the divorce has been finalized, the woman, Lara Trafelet, is balking at the cost of her divorce. 

Avoidable alimony mistakes

Thousands of couples divorce across the country every year. It can be a very stressful process for everyone involved. Some couples in Massachusetts, as well as other states, find it difficult to get along during the divorce proceedings. Unfortunately, some couples are never able to get along as well as they once did, especially when alimony or other support payments are involved. In fact, there are many ex-spouses who go through a great deal of trouble in order to avoid paying large amounts in alimony, but these extreme measures can sometimes backfire. 

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