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May 2018 Archives

Courts sets child support for man previously presumed dead

Many people living in Massachusetts have seen a movie or television show where someone abandons his or her identity and creates a new one, but few have seen it in the real world. A family recently discovered that the man who was once a husband and father to them and who they believed to be dead was, in fact, alive and living under a new name with a new family. After having abandoned his family almost 25 years ago, this man has been ordered to pay $2 million in child support for many of those missing years.

Alimony and changing gender roles

Marriage and divorce have changed significantly in recent years. This is partially due to how traditional gender roles have changed over time. In Massachusetts and across the country, it is becoming more common for women to be the family breadwinners. This has had an noticeable effect on divorce as well. More and more women are paying alimony and child support to their ex-spouses rather than receiving the payments. 

High priced weddings and high asset divorce

Many people who wish to one day get married have imagined what their wedding day might be like. They may get ideas from magazines, television shows or highly publicized celebrity weddings. What many Massachusetts residents come to realize is that weddings can become very expensive very quickly. Unfortunately, in some cases, a high priced wedding can turn into a high asset divorce

Court rules in lesbian couple's child custody case

In Massachusetts and elsewhere, divorces between couples with children can sometimes be more difficult than those between couples without children. This can be especially true if the child is only biologically related to one parent, as is the case for some gay and lesbian couples. In these types of child custody cases, it may be left up to the courts to decide if one or both parents should be awarded custody. 

How women 50 and older may be affected by gray high asset divorce

Finances are handled in a variety of different ways amongst married couples, as many Massachusetts residents know. Many older couples have spent years, sometimes decades, acquiring various assets, and many women have been content to allow their husbands to make the majority of the financial decisions. This may cause problems for some when they find themselves in the midst of a high asset divorce

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