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April 2018 Archives

Changing your Massachusetts child support order

As a Massachusetts parent who either pays or receives child support, a time may come when you want to request a modification to your existing child support order. Maybe you lost your job, or maybe the child you support now spends more nights in your own home than that of his or her other parent.

Infidelity and its effects on child custody

Marriages end for a variety of reasons. Massachusetts residents may know of someone who ended a marriage for financial, work-related or even stress-related reasons, and the ensuing divorce proceedings can range from amicable to hostile. However, there are certain circumstances which may add additional stress to the divorce proceedings. Marriages that end due to infidelity can be especially stressful, especially if there are children involved. Many parents may fear that infidelity during a marriage or new partners acquired during a separation could impact the child custody agreement. 

Estranged wife of Jesse Williams asks for more child support

The cost of childcare can be very expensive, more than many expect it to be. Massachusetts parents who are having difficulty providing for their children or who believe that their ex-spouses are able to contribute more may be able to get an increase in child support. Even celebrity parents find themselves in situations where they feel as though an increase in support payments is necessary. 

High asset divorce late in life

Grey divorce has become increasingly common over the last several years. Couples who have been together for decades and have adult children are choosing to go their separate ways. Many Massachusetts residents are discovering that what they believed should have been a very simple divorce can easily turn into a high asset divorce due to their years of acquiring assets. 

Man attempts to forge wife's signature to lower child support

It is common for emotions to run high during a divorce, especially if there are a significant number of assets or if there are children involved. Many parents try to work together as much as possible when children are involved so that their children are properly cared for and they might continue to have a relationship with both parents. However, some Massachusetts residents might be shocked to learn the lengths that some parents are willing to go to in order to lower their child support payments or alter their visitation or custody agreements. 

What Massachusetts considers when determining alimony

If your Massachusetts marriage has come to an end, you may be making efforts to prepare for life on your own. In addition to potentially having to move and create new custody arrangements for your children, you may have concerns about whether you will be able to support yourself, financially, after divorce, or conversely, whether you will have to pay alimony to your former spouse.

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