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August 2017 Archives

Property Division Stalemate

Couples in Massachusetts that are seeking a divorce may be surprised to find that even with a prenuptial agreement issues may still arise. Properties and assets acquired during a marriage could potentially cause friction upon separation due to each person's perceived values. These disagreements over property division can cause the individuals seeking divorce to get caught up in legal battles that could possibly go on for months.

High asset divorce may follow financial secrecy

Millennial couples seem to be approaching marriage differently from those in past generations, especially when it comes to finances. Many Massachusetts millennials have careers, savings and investments before they consider marriage, and this often means keeping some aspects of their finances separate after they take their vows. However, separate does not have to mean secret, and some money experts fear that too many money secrets in a marriage may lead to high asset divorce.

Does property division including draining the bank account?

Couples seeking divorce often have varied priorities. For some, simply gaining freedom from an unhappy life is the goal. Others, however, want nothing more than to get even with their spouse, and still others fear only for their financial security. A spouse who wants out of a painful marriage may give little thought to what happens to the marital assets, but most couples are keenly aware that fair property division can mean the difference between an optimistic future and years of struggle.

How much child support lands in the pockets of 10-percenters?

An executive of the Massachusetts state lottery says the number of repeat lottery winners in the state defies logic and must involve some rule bending. After the analysis of almost 11 million lottery payout records of 34 states, students from a graduate school of journalism in another state determined that Massachusetts has much more repeat lottery winners than any other state. Questions are raised about individuals cashing in winning tickets on behalf of people who owe debts like child support and taxes.

Nesting: A child custody arrangement made to benefit kids

In Massachusetts, when a couple decides to divorce, there are many issues that must be discussed. If they are parents, child custody and support may be important considerations. These types of issues can lead to arguments and anger because the parties do not always agree about what is best for their kids.

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