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June 2017 Archives

Father without child custody takes boy in Massachusetts

Massachusetts State Police recently arrested a man who appears to have taken the law into his own hands. Police say the man took his 3-year-old son from the home of the child's mother in Plymouth, assaulting the mother in the process. Apparently, the man does not have child custody rights concerning the boy. The removal of the child was termed a parental kidnapping, and a search ensued for the boy and the father. The good news is that they were found and the child was unharmed.

Massachusetts learns of high asset divorce of star

Massachusetts fans of the show "Empire" will be interested to learn about recent updates on the settlement for the end of the marriage for television star Terrence Howard. The high asset divorce case saw an appeal in the courts of another state recently. The result ended with a decision that was unlikely to make the star happy.

Massachusetts considering new child custody rules

A proposed law about child custody is under consideration by the Massachusetts legislature. The bill would change the child custody guidelines to make the default rule a 50/50 split of time between the parents. Family courts across the country have been moving toward a concept of true joint custody in recent years, and this legislative proposal would take that one step further in the Bay State. 

Child support is owned once ordered in Massachusetts

When a couple divorces in Massachusetts, it is often the case that they have children who are affected. In most cases, one of the parents is ordered to pay child support to the other. This money is intended to help the custodial parent pay for the expenses of raising a child.

Low and high asset divorce takes adjustment in Massachusetts

People who have been through the process in Massachusetts know that there are many changes that come with the dissolution of marriage. Divorce, whether a high asset divorce situation or one with people of more modest means, can take adjustment for all involved. These can be worked through, but sometimes it takes a little time.

How to get your fair share of your husband's retirement assets

As a woman whose spouse makes a lot of money, you might be wondering what assets are subject to division during divorce. For example, what about all that money in his retirement plan? Will that be divided? How can you be sure he is being honest about all his retirement funds?

Prenup can deal with money management and property division

When it comes to Massachusetts couples who are engaged to be married, sharing information can play an important role. Some say what you don't know can't hurt you, but that may be best limited to past romances and not finances. Certain money-related discussions may ultimately lead to the protection of both parties in property division in the event of a subsequent divorce. This does not mean a divorce must be anticipated, but it is one of life's realities for many people.

Property division: Twitter and Facebook threats to consider

Much has been said about how social networking can have an adverse impact on a divorce such as how Facebook posts can jeopardize a person's chances to get child custody. In some divorces in Massachusetts and elsewhere, social networking has even affected the property division process if posts on Facebook or Twitter revealed hidden assets. Divorcing couples are often advised to stay away from this revolutionary way to make sure everybody knows everything about them.

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