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Viewing child support and custody like a business deal

For many Massachusetts parents, moving through and beyond a divorce is the most challenging thing that they will ever encounter. It is important to remember that there are things that parents can do to make issues surrounding child custody and child support easier to navigate. One tactic that works for many is to begin treating the matter like a business deal. That may sound heartless, but it is a very effective approach that can help parents establish a positive co-parenting relationship.

In a business deal, parties usually approach each and every interaction from a stance of neutrality. They don't look for ways that the other side may be trying to push their buttons or take advantage of them. The presumed approach is one of collaboration, in which the partnership can provide benefits to both sides. In terms of co-parenting, the benefits are raising children who are strong, healthy and capable.

Sticking with the business analogy, the partnership is working to produce a product: a well-adjusted and successful child. To that end, both sides may have to occasionally cede some ground in the deal. That may mean shortening a summer vacation, picking up a child even when it isn't technically that parent's "shift" and other compromises. However, those accommodations seem reasonable when the shared focus is on supporting the child or children at the center of the deal.

In custody and child support matters, as in so many other areas of life, the experience that an individual has is largely defined by the way that the matter is approached. When Massachusetts parents are able to work together to place the best interests of their children at the center of their interactions and decisions, it can be easier to move through the process of co-parenting. Sometimes, a simple change in perspective can make all the difference in the world.

Source: goodmenproject.com, "22 Divorce Experts Share What They've Learned About Divorce", Jan. 15, 2017

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