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December 2016 Archives

Prenuptial agreements go far beyond high asset divorce

When many Massachusetts residents consider a prenup, they think about the contract only in terms of asset protection. In reality, however, prenuptial agreements have a number of benefits in addition to protecting wealth in case of a high asset divorce. One of the biggest reasons to negotiate a prenup is to go through a crash course in each party's financial habits.

High asset divorce likely to increase in January

Divorce attorneys agree that there are certain times of year when divorce filings spike. January, otherwise known as "divorce month," is one of the busiest months for family law attorneys. Often, a spouse will initiate a high asset divorce in the first few weeks of the year, after the holidays have passed. Massachusetts divorce attorneys often use the holidays to rest and recharge, knowing that things will be busy once the New Year begins. 

Could an app improve child support communications?

Once a Massachusetts family has gone through divorce proceedings, the parents will transition into a new relationship with one another. Now that the romantic relationship has ended, they will take on new roles as co-parents. Part of that process involves taking care of the financial needs of their shared children, which is usually accomplished through the exchange of child support payments.

Sperm donor wins controversial child support case

When an individual makes an effort to assist a family in having a child, that gift is beyond measure. Offering the biological resources needed to conceive a human life is among the most personal and meaningful transactions possible. Unfortunately, there are cases in Massachusetts and elsewhere in which that gift is rewarded with a great deal of turmoil and strife. An example is found in a recent case in which a sperm donor was pursued for child support, not by the couple he helped to become parents, but by the state in which the parties reside.

When is it appropriate to seek a modification to child support?

Life continues to change after divorce, and financial circumstances will also continue to fluctuate over time. Some Massachusetts parents find that the terms of their original divorce order no longer meet their needs or reflect the changes that have occurred in their family. In these situations, it may be appropriate to seek a modification to a child support order.

Equitable distribution of retirement in a high asset divorce

Massachusetts readers know that the end of a marriage signals many changes for the two spouses, including financial adjustments and division of marital property. Any issue that involves the division of money or valuable assets can be complicated, and the appropriate distribution of retirement assets is no exception. Without care and the help of an experienced family law attorney, a high asset divorce has the power to derail a person's retirement.

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