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Four things to avoid during your Massachusetts divorce

Divorce is never an easy process. A contested one can come with a mountain of emotional confrontations and disputes. Even an uncontested one comes with a significant stack of paperwork.

Why make the process more difficult than necessary? You can prevent additional problems by avoiding certain incendiary actions.

A recent article by the Huffington Post illuminates this point and offers a list of 14 things to avoid during a divorce.

Here are four of the actions you should never take:

  1. Hiding assets. Stashing jointly owned valuables at your friend's house or transferring money to a secret account may sound like a good idea at first. You are trying to protect your financial security. However, hiding marital assets (or spending them) can result in legal repercussions, including a court order against you.
  2. Using the children as weapons. It can be very tempting to try to get your children to side with you and hold a grudge against the other parent. Damaging that parent-child relationship, however, is often bad for the child. It can also harm your chances of obtaining custody.
  3. Lying. Whether you falsely accuse your spouse of domestic abuse or you claim that you make less money than you do, the odds are that you will eventually be found out. If a family law judge catches you in an untruth, he or she may not believe anything else you say.
  4. Locking your spouse out. It is illegal to change the locks on a house that you both own. If you feel unsafe due to a past history of violence, you can seek a protective order from the Massachusetts courts instead.

Remembering these points can help to make the difficult divorce process just a little bit easier.

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