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September 2014 Archives

Is a prenuptial agreement right for you?

Most people are probably aware of what a big commitment getting married is. While most people who enter into such unions are aware that it will be a big change, they may not have completely thought through just how big of a change it will be. One area where this may occur regards finances. In the midst of planning for the wedding it is possible that coupes could fail to discuss how they will handle their finances after they are married. A prenuptial agreement could be a part of this discussion.

What is alimony and when might it be awarded?

When a couple decides to divorce there are many things that need to be worked through. Depending a variety of circumstances in the marriage, it is possible that alimony could be one of those issues. Also referred to as spousal support, it is awarded in situations where one spouse makes more money than the other.

Violation of custody agreement results in arrest

Earlier this month we wrote a blog post about legal issues that could arise when a parent who shares custody of a child with the other parent decides to relocate. In that post we discussed what generally needs to happen with the custody agreement before a parent can make the move. For example, a relocation considered to be significant, such as moving to another country, would need to be approved by the court. The failure to secure that approval could lead to legal problems for the parent who took the child. A woman from the east coast is currently facing that reality.

Seeking guardianship of children? A lawyer may be of assistance

Children are an important part of many peoples’ lives and most parents will do whatever they can to stay a part of their lives. There are times however when a parent is not able to care for his or her kids. When that happens, the children will need to be cared for by someone else.

Couple married in Massachusetts fights through Florida courts

Two women were married in Massachusetts, where their marriage was legal. They then moved to Florida, and they now want to get a divorce. However, they are having to fight their way through the court system to see if the divorce will be permitted.

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