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When it comes to remarriage, age may not bring wisdom

Wisdom may be a product of age and experience. After a divorce, one might expect an individual to be wiser from that experience. If an individual does find love again, the lessons learned from the first marriage might prove useful. 

Yet data suggests that love may be a gamble at any age. In fact, national data from the Center for Family and Marriage Research indicates that the rate of divorce among older couples -- adults 50 and older -- actually doubled in the ten years between 1990 and 2010.

There might be common reasons for a divorce, regardless of age. Such reasons might include communication issues, different lifestyle expectations or financial disputes. Without a proactive approach, these issues may contribute to marital discord, possibly leading to divorce. With the help of a family law attorney, however, a couple may be able to improve their chances at staying happily married.

For example, an attorney can help couples understand the possible consequences of different financial approaches. In the case of a spouse who already owns a home, it is important to think about the implications of adding the prospective spouse to that property title. Joint ownership might lead to unexpected inheritances, as in the case of a surviving spouse's children inheriting the property instead of the original owner's children.

Although a couple might not want a prenuptial agreement, a workaround to the issue of divorce and inheritances might be giving a prospective spouse occupancy rights, instead of joint ownership. On the other hand, an attorney might be able to present a prenuptial agreement in a way that is less awkward than a prospective spouse raising the topic.

Source: USA Today, "Remarrying in retirement? Look before you leap," Rodney Brooks, May 20, 2014

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