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Factors to consider during a same sex divorce

Residents in Massachusetts understand that the face of marriage has drastically changed over the past several years. This is especially true regarding same sex couples. Now that the hurdle of marriage has been significantly tackled, same sex couples now join the ranks of any other married couples. This means that they also face the 50 percent rate of divorce.

Although newly married couple do not like to think about the ill fate of divorce, the truth is that even those that believe that their union will last forever should prepare for dissolution. Although the process is getting considerably more equal to heterosexual couples, a same sex divorce can still be more difficult to go through and finalize.

There are ways some same sex couples can prepare and protect them prior to and during the dissolution process. Like any divorcing couple, an individual's actions in the process should not be fueled by negative emotions. This will often lead to bad decision-making and eventually lead to a very costly divorce.

In addition, the divorcing spouses should not take things so personally. It is a legal process and functions as such. Same sex partners should understand that the procedure is just like a business. The procedure functions because there is an end goal for dissolution. Emotions can often get tangled into the process, but it is best to focus on the future rather than the past. This will better serve both parties.

Furthermore, one should not have to compromise their values of love, family, health, education and achievement because their relationship did not work out or for the sake to progress the divorce process. In any couple, spouses hold some values dear to their heart, and by keeping those factors clear and essential, a divorce agreement could be reached without crumbling those values.

Lastly, same-sex couples should do what they are proud of in the divorce process. That means that they should look towards building a new future while they break down their past and present relationship. Although it could be difficult to see a future during an emotional and devastating process, it is best to remain positive, think about what they desire in the future and keep these thoughts in mind while making decisions during the divorce.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Gay Divorce Tips: 5 Ways To Make The Process Easier," Laura Miolla, Feb. 14, 2014

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