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Could divorce run in the family?

The environment a person grows up in will often determine how they turn out. Their family and home life will often shape how they will carry out their home and family life in the future. Children of divorce will often carry those memories with them and revert back to them when they are in a marriage of their own. Married couples in Massachusetts understand that the negativities of their parents' marriage could be present in their own marriage, which could ultimately lead to divorce and various other family law issues.

It is common to hear that children of divorce are often plagued with a higher chance of getting a divorce when and if they marry. This idea was the focus of a recent article that questions whether divorce could run in the family. Looking at divorce like any other characteristic trait that could be passed on could be challenging, but some view this life event as something that could be passed on like a gene for blue eyes or gray hair.

When a child witnesses their parents relationship fail and they have to go through the divorce process, those emotions and memories are stored. Some say they use them as learning tools so they do not have to go through that when they get married and have a family. Although it is their hope to use it to prevent the same situation from happening again, sometimes these memories and experiences cause their own divorce.

Divorce can have a major impact on children. Those that are older will better understand the situation, but children going through a child custody battle often experience great emotions throughout the process. This will often fuel their desire to have a better marriage when they got older and married, but the disputes and arguments in their parents' divorce could impact their future relationships.

Although going through an amicable divorce is desirable, not all couples are able to do that. Even if they seek to be civil for their children, avoiding all disputes and putting their differences aside might not be possible. Those struggling with the divorce process, especially a divorce with children involved, should seek guidance when it comes to reaching a divorce settlement that benefits everyone involved.

Source: Babble.com, "Does Divorce Really Run in the Family? One Study Weighs In," Jan. 17, 2014

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