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Co-parenting and the best interest of a child post-divorce

When something bad or upsetting occurs, usually those around the individual sense their emotion and can be affected. This is often the case when parents are struggling with their marriage and the bystander children are impacted. Their marital disputes lead to a separation and eventually a divorce, which can cause significant life changes for everyone involved. Realizing the impact on a child does not only better the situation for the child or children but for the parents as well. Parents in Massachusetts as well as in other states across the nation should focus on working through this transition together so that the best interest of the child can be met.

It is often advised that parents should put themselves in the shoes of their children. The well being of a child should always be the focal point, and they should seek to understand how their child sees the situation. They do not have the perspective of the child, so they need to communicate with them. Whether it is their age, what they hear or what they witness, a child could be emotionally distressed by the significant changes in their life.

Even if a child does not show it, they are still affected by the divorce even if it is beneficial for them to be out of a home where their parents constantly argue. One thing that divorced parents should know is that children have rights in the situation.

If parents can work together and listen to their children, they could voice their opinion on where they would like to live, how they like to spend their time with each parent, their emotions in the situation and to have privacy in the situation. If this is not easily accomplished, parents could seek the assistance of counselors or mediators. Even though the parents are not able to remain together for the sake of their child, they could learn to work together for them.

The co-parenting experience is often highlighted as a healthy and desirable situation for divorced parents. Although it seeks parents to work together, it is not the only way divorced parents can deal with child custody arrangements or other issues such as modification or support. Parents need to determine what method is best for them and their children.

Dealing with child custody issues is not an easy task. Divorce parents dealing with these difficulties should seek out guidance on how best to address them and what steps are necessary. This could lessen the impact on the children and progress the situation.

Source: She Knows, "Divorced and co-parenting: Your child's Bill of Rights, " Mary McCoy, Jan. 21, 2014

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