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Divorcing during the holidays

There is no ideal time for a couple to part ways, but married couples in Massachusetts understand that if a couple must separate, a divorce is most likely the next step to take. Unfortunately, a couple's breaking point could land near the holidays. This can make an already difficult time more challenging but can also take away some of the joy and happiness of the holidays.

Whether to stick it out or call it quits during the holidays can come down to family reactions.

If the couple has children, the holidays may forever be associated with divorce, effectively ruining the holiday season for the kids for years, even decades, to come. Indeed, even as adults, the former kids could associate the arguments, disputes and negative emotions with the holidays and may not be able to get past the difficult times entirely.

Extended family is likewise a consideration. Fair or not, close friends and family tend press extra judgment on couples that split during the holidays.

As the risk of tarnishing Christmas for one's children and enduring extra negativity from extended family underscores, while there is no ideal time to divorce, avoiding separating or getting divorced during the holidays could serve the couple well. The timing of the divorce could also help set the stage for more amicable child custody arrangements and divorce agreements.

But if a divorce is inevitable, it will happen when it needs to happen, and if it must occur during the holidays, the couple should be extra prepared to avoid additional or unnecessary complications.

One step in that process is to research one's rights and options.

Source: Huffington Post, "Is It Ever Okay To Separate Around The Holidays?" Kelly Coleman, Nov. 25, 2013

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