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Step-parents can face additional difficulties in divorces

When discussing the reasons for a divorce, there are some common trends. Arguments about money, romance, and parenting typically show up on any list about common factors leading to divorce. In fact, problems over parenting in particular often come up as one of the most significant relationship issues for one group of people: step-parents.

According to a recent study by stepdadding.com, step-dads are more likely to initiate divorce proceedings than husbands in conventional marriages. The study shows that re-married men filed for divorce 61 percent of the time, twice the rate of men filing for divorce from their first marriage. All of the men polled in the study were involved in marriages with at least one step-child, and one of the most common issues cited in their divorce proceedings was their relationship to the child. Some felt underappreciated as a parent, while others were confused about their role in the child's parenting.

While this study highlights from the difficulties of being a step-parent, there are many step-parents who are close with their step-children. In divorce cases, however, it can be difficult for these individuals to receive the same treatment regarding custody as a biological parent.

Step-parents who have an interest visitation rights or even receiving child custody will often need to prove that they have a relationship with the children is similar to one of a biological parent. In addition, the same considerations towards the benefit which visitation or custody would have the child will be taken into consideration by the court. While it can be difficult for a step-parent to receive visitation rights, it is not impossible. By speaking with a team of experienced legal advisors, step-parents may be able to receive visitation or custody of a child whom they helped raise.

Source: Huffington Post, "Divorce Study Shows That Stepdads Are More Likely To Divorce Their Wives," Aug. 9, 2013

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