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June 2013 Archives

Data shows opinions on marriage and divorce shifting

With the legal changes to alimony determination now setting in, it may come as no surprise to Massachusetts residents that opinions on divorces and how to handle them change over time. It's hard not to notice that societal opinions on relationships appears to have changing, with new studies showing that more people are cohabitating before marriage, waiting to get married longer and even sometimes avoiding marriage altogether. Experts have also noticed growing acceptance of divorce, indicated by so called "grey divorces" amongst individuals over the age of 50.

Kelly Rutherford declares bankruptcy amid child custody fight

It's public knowledge that some divorce proceedings can be financially costly, especially for those with high assets or those going through a particularly contentious divorce. While mediation is a relatively cost effective way to handle a divorce, sometimes divorces go to trial and require significant investment in legal assistance and other fees. While struggling through a financially challenging trial may seem difficult, cost becomes less of a factor to many when something as important as child custody is on the line.

When to move out of the marital home during a divorce

For a recently separated couple, the question of whether or not someone will keep the marital home can be as difficult a decision as any other during a divorce. Yet, before that decision happens, most divorcing couples will need to ask themselves a different question in the interim -- who will stay in the home during the divorce proceedings themselves? The answer to this question has more legal implications than what many might think, particularly in regard to child custody.

Things to consider in property division for complex divorces

When going through a divorce, one of the most contentious issues is typically the division of assets. Even amongst those who go into divorce proceedings from an amicable perspective can find themselves contentiously disagreeing with one another over property division. Questions such as who gets what property, who is entitled to what pension plans or stocks and who gets to keep the family home can all cause major disagreements. With so much on the line it makes sense to spend time checking into all the details surrounding property division, some of which may be more important than people initially think.

Kardashian divorce officially finalized

For those who follow the reality show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," or have heard of the divorce in Massachusetts news reports, it may be already known that Kim Kardashian and her ex-husband Kris Humphries were engaged in a long and contentious divorce. While an agreement was made and signed off on by a judge in April, the divorce has only now become official.

"Glee" actress Jane Lynch to divorce her wife

Actress Jane Lynch, well known for her role in the hit television show "Glee," has announced that she will be divorcing her wife of nearly three years. The couple was married in 2010 after the two met at a fundraiser in 2009. This high profile divorce brings to the forefront several of the possible issues which can affect same sex couples looking for a divorce.

Infidelity ranked highest in Gallop poll on immoral behavior

A new Gallop poll shows that many Americans views about marriage, divorce and relationships may be shifting, and recent marriage debates in Massachusetts shows that the state may be no different. According to the new poll, Americans views have shifted to be more accepting of divorce, pre-marital romantic relationships, same-sex marriage, and having children out of wedlock. On the other hand, Americans have overwhelmingly become less tolerant of one behavior in particular: infidelity.

Tips for an inexpensive and efficient divorce

Making the decision to get divorce can be a difficult one to make, but once it's made, most people would agree that getting the proceedings started and completed with as few complications as possible is the best possible scenario. While this may not always be possible when a divorce is coupled with contentious issues such as complex property division or child custody, there are several tips which those facing a divorce can use to make things easier on themselves.

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