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Former wives united in search for husband who owes child support

Generally, if a husband remarries, his first and second wives probably do not communicate often. The first wife may have hard feelings about her former husband remarrying and for this reason may dislike the new wife. However, two former wives of a Massachusetts man contradict this view. Their actions show that women who marry (and divorce) the same man can band together when they share a goal.

These former wives are both frustrated that their former husband has failed to pay all of his child support. He is more than a year behind in payments and allegedly owes a total of $481,000 to his former wives. Now in custody of officials, the former husband will be tried in Massachusetts court for failing to pay child support. He could have to pay a fine of $40,000 and faces a maximum 40-year jail sentence.

Child support payments are often crucial for children of divorced parents to receive financial support they need. Unfortunately, many people are far behind in making child support payments. The Massachusetts Department of Revenue states that over 20,000 parents are more than a year behind in payments.

When child support payments are not made on time, the custodial parent may have a very challenging time covering all necessary items for the child, such as food, clothing, and housing. By assigning a spouse to pay child support, responsibility for the child is placed on both parents. Parents share in bringing a child into the world and as long as they are both capable, should contribute financially to raising that child. Determining a fitting child support payment is important and should be done with the help of a legal professional.

Source: United Press International, "$481,000 child support trial begins," Aug. 27, 2012

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