Settling Complex Divorces Through Mediation

It is a common misconception that complex divorces cannot be settled through mediation. From simple to intricate divorces, our lawyers at Koiles Pratt Family Law Group have worked with hundreds of spouses to achieve fair and satisfactory divorce outcomes. Regardless of the issues that need to be addressed, mediation can benefit you in ways that litigation cannot.

Five Advantages Of Divorce Mediation

There are several reasons couples choose to mediate complex divorces, including:

  • Privacy – Divorce proceedings become a part of public records. Mediation allows you to settle behind closed doors and keep the intimate details of your divorce private.
  • Time – Depending on the issues that need to be addressed, litigating a divorce can take months or even years. While every case is different, divorces typically settle faster when they are mediated, even when complex issues are involved.
  • Opportunity for in-depth discussions – The time constraints you face in court limit your opportunity to consider your options. In mediation, you can call on a variety of professionals to settle issues that require due diligence without the pressure of time constraints.
  • Control – You and your spouse have greater control over your case when a judge is not the decision maker.
  • Cost – When you compile the fees associated with litigation, mediation is generally cheaper.

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