Mediation And Child Custody

Child custody and parenting can be one of the most emotional issues in family law mediation. Child custody is more than just a visitation schedule, but it is also the way for parents to determine how they will make decisions concerning the child's well-being and resolve conflicts together. The mediation process can successfully achieve these goals so that the best interests of the child and parents are addressed and leave the child in as similar a position as possible prior to the divorce.

Koiles Pratt Family Law Group, provides experienced, thorough and, most importantly, effective child custody mediation services. We are located in Salem, and our dedication to our clients has given us a reputation for excellence in divorce mediation services statewide. We can help with your child custody and parenting time agreement, and any other issues you may be facing in your divorce.

Custody Mediation And Children

There are many benefits to using mediation for child custody and parenting time agreements. Not only is it usually more cost-effective and efficient than litigation, but it also truly gives parents the ability to make a detailed, customized and comprehensive child custody agreement. In addition, there are more nuances to child custody than parents often realize. A few examples of these considerations include:

  • What happens to the parenting schedule during one parent's vacation?
  • What happens if there are after-school activities?
  • What if the child wants to go to a friend's house?
  • How will medical decisions be handled?
  • How will religion be addressed?
  • What about college decisions?

All of these specific issues can be addressed through mediation to create a comprehensive co-parenting plan that addresses not only the schedule and current needs of your child but their future needs as well.

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