We Will Protect Your Most Cherished Assets

At Koiles Pratt Family Law Group, we provide sound advice and skillful representation in matters involving property division. We have experience representing people in a wide range of financial situations, including cases involving large marital estates, the ownership of businesses, international assets and other complex matters.

We will apply our knowledge and experience to achieve a fair property settlement that enables you to make a successful transition to life after divorce. Contact us today for a case assessment.

Protecting Your Assets And Interests

Koiles Pratt Family Law Group can address all types of complex property division issues, including:

  • Ownership of businesses and professional practices
  • Ownership of investment rental properties
  • Inheritances and assets held in trusts
  • International assets and real estate
  • Difficult-to-value property such as art, antiques and jewelry
  • Deferred income and stock options
  • Other complex property matters

Our attorneys can work with experts such as accountants, business valuation specialists, appraisers and others who can provide critical insights to assist in your representation.

Seeking The Best Overall Financial Settlement

When developing a property division strategy, our firm pays close attention to the tax consequences of the divorce. The transfer of a home, investment rental property or a business, for example, may carry significant accrued tax liabilities or credits. We will make a full accounting of these issues. We can also work with accountants, tax specialists and financial analysts who can provide guidance regarding these issues.

Contact A Lawyer

For a case assessment about a complex property division matter, reach out to Koiles Pratt Family Law Group by completing our online contact form or call 978-744-7774.