Noteworthy Results

Sample of Family Law Results

Some of the noteworthy results that Koiles Pratt Family Law Group have obtained for their family law clients are illustrated by the following examples:

  • Successfully obtained sole custody of children for a mother after her ex-husband initiated a post-divorce proceeding to amend custody rights, and successfully reduced the husband's visitation rights in light of his conduct.
  • Successfully limited a highly compensated ex-husband's exposure for alimony to zero through effective advocacy regarding the key factors of his ability to pay and the spouse's needs.
  • Successfully obtained a post-divorce judicial alimony decree for a spouse who did not originally receive any alimony - did so by demonstrating a spousal need and the ability of the other spouse to pay alimony after the children had reached the age where child support was no longer necessary.
  • Successfully obtained child custody for a father, who was judged to be a more fit parent than the maternal aunt after a full trial.
  • Successfully obtained favorable shared custody arrangement for unmarried mother after full trial.
  • Successfully and significantly reduced the child support and alimony obligations of a father, proving at trial that his ex-spouse had hidden sources of income from the court that were not accounted for in the original divorce decree.
  • Successfully defeated motions for joint legal custody and increased visitation made by a father after divorce, proving that he engaged in domestic violence and abuse.
  • Successfully obtained numerous restraining orders against current and former spouses, and successfully defeated motions of restraining orders as well.

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