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At Koiles Pratt Family Law Group, we are fully committed to protecting your rights and defending your interests during a family crisis.

Our attorneys have experience and relationships with the courts in our area. They are respected by judges and other lawyers, and they have a reputation for getting results. Clients trust them and appreciate their attentive service and determination to succeed for them.

Our Family Law Practice

Our firm represents clients in all types of family law and divorce cases. We are ready to listen and learn about your needs and stand by your side in cases involving child custody, child support and alimony, and property division. We have particular experience in cases involving complex property division issues pertaining to the ownership of businesses and professional practices, dual income couples, inheritance and trust issues and ownership of investment real estate.

Our Attorneys

Jennifer Koiles Pratt spent 10 years as a criminal prosecutor in Middlesex and Norfolk counties, before deciding to focus on the practice of family law. Many of the skills she learned in the criminal law arena can be directly applied to solving family law problems. Jennifer has earned many awards and most recently has been named a Super Lawyer.

Before joining the firm, attorney Sarah E. Marston clerked for a federal judge and worked at the firm of Bingham, Dana and Gould LLP doing civil and criminal litigation.

Paula A. Occhino joined the firm with more than 10 years of family law experience focusing primarily on divorce and custody matters.

Marc A. Eichler joins the firm as a skilled litigator with extensive experience in both civil and criminal law.

All of our attorneys are well respected, trusted and have extensive experience in family law and related issues, and the ability to handle complex and challenging legal problems.

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