Is Your Ex Refusing To Follow Court Orders?

The firm of Koiles Pratt Family Law Group represents plaintiffs and defendants in enforcement actions when a divorce order has been breached, or when a party has been accused of breaching an order. Our attorneys have experience in all types of enforcement and contempt matters, and we have served the Greater Boston area for decades.

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Child Support

You may file or need to defend against contempt in the following situations:

  • Receivers of child support If you have not received the child support you are owed, our attorneys can file a complaint for contempt and represent you in a court hearing. If we are successful in obtaining results for you, the court may require the person found in contempt to pay your attorney fees.
  • Payers of child support In Massachusetts, if you fail to pay child support, you may have your wages or bank account garnished, and your driver's license may be suspended until you pay your outstanding obligations and obtain a compliance letter from the Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement Division (DOR/CSE). Our firm can represent you in any court proceeding, as well as seek a modification of the required child support payment if a significant change in your financial circumstances has occurred.

Child Custody And Visitation

If the other parent fails to comply with a child custody order or attempts to relocate your child to another location without your permission, we can represent you in an emergency hearing seeking compliance.

Property Division

As part of a divorce settlement, one party may be required to transfer an asset or retitle a property. Koiles Pratt Family Law Group can represent you in a dispute over an existing property division order.

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